Apply your makeup in style with one of our exciting online makeup brush kits

Makeup and makeup brushes have been around for a very long time. Evidence has even been discovered showing that some Ancient Egyptians used makeup brushes as far back as 1500 BC. When it comes to makeup, brushes are pretty much a beauty staple.

Why should you use a makeup brush? There are many benefits to using makeup brushes to apply foundation, blush, contour, highlights, and eyebrow color. You can even use it with one of our eye makeup kits. Applying foundation with a makeup brush helps limit unnecessary mess and can produce a more natural look. A makeup brush helps you achieve smooth, evenly blended coverage that you can control much better than when using other application methods. Synthetic bristles are made from nylon, polyester, or other synthetic fibers, and can come in various colors. Unlike natural hair brushes, these bristles don’t have a cuticle, so makeup won’t become trapped in the brush. Synthetic bristles tend to gravitate towards each other, making them great for precise, smooth, streak-free application. A big advantage of synthetic makeup brushes over natural hair brushes is less absorption, meaning much less product is required whether it’s a liquid or powder, and therefore foundation will last longer.

Lurella Cosmetics offers you high-quality makeup brushes that are also affordable. From our classic five-piece Stay Golden cosmetic brush set that is a great set of brushes to start with, to our super popular 12 piece cosmetic brush sets, our top quality makeup brushes come in a variety of different sets and styles as well as a range of beautiful colors. When you purchase Lurella makeup brushes online, ordering the set that’s right for you is quick and easy. No matter which set of makeup brushes you love best, our high-quality makeup brushes will soon become your favorite “go to” beauty tool.

For a convenient way to take your favorite beauty tools with you wherever you go, try our pretty and popular 10-piece On the Move cosmetic brush set that comes with its own handy travel case. Beauty on the go has never been easier. Whether you’re touching up, blending, highlighting, or covering up, application of any beauty product is going to be a snap with these brushes and in stunning gold, ravishing rose, awesome aquamarine, purest white or classic black, they’ll look great as part of any beauty tool collection.

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